Storing Apples

If you were thinking about stowing some whole fresh apples away for the winter in a fridge or a cool corner of your basement, Rome, Ida Red, and Winesap are good apples to consider. Choose only the most perfect apples for storage – any blemish will lead to quicker breakdown of the flesh around it.

To extend the life of your stored apples, try wrapping each apple individually in tissue or newspaper so that they won’t touch each other. A crate or box is the best container for your stored apples; if you use a plastic bag, be sure it has some holes in it.

Apples tend to sweeten in storage. A Winesap might not have the same tang in January, but it will taste wonderful to have a fresh apple when you can see snow covering the ground outside!

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We also dry, can, and freeze apples, apple pie filling, and apple sauces and butters and chutneys for our own use. You can too!

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