Applesauces & Spreads

We recommend using Paula Reds for applesauce, though Golden Delicious are also lovely.

Tom’s Super-Simple Applesauce

Peel and core the apples. Throw them in a pot on the stove on “Low” (a heavy pot is good for this). Stir them about every ten minutes. After about 30 minutes, start watching them more closely. As soon as they’re applesauce consistency, stop cooking. Taste them to be sure they taste good.

The only danger is in forgetting about them and cooking them too long – all the natural sugar can cook out of them, and then you have to add some.

If you like your sauce sweeter than natural Paulas, add a little sugar or honey to taste while it’s still hot. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, or other spices can be added to taste any time – while cooking or later. Can or freeze as desired. Yum!

Smoked Applesauce

Try this Smoked Applesauce recipe with a firm sweet apple like our Golden Delicious.

Apple Chutney

It’s not really a sauce, but it doesn’t fit anywhere else. We love this Curried Apple Chutney recipe as a dip or sandwich spread, on lentil dishes and latkes. Yum!