Varietals We Grow

We grow dozens of varieties of apples – all certified organic.  Each variety has its own personality and strengths.  Here are descriptions of the most plentiful varieties:

Paula Red may be the best early fresh-eating red apple widely available. Like McIntosh, from which it is presumed to have descended, Paula is an attractive small to medium apple that fares well in the kitchen.

Empire is firmer and sweeter than McIntosh and keeps longer. It has some of the sweetness of Red Delicious, with much more character. Empire is better for baking than either of its parents. A good all purpose apple.

Jonathon is spicy, tangy, a bit tart in flavor and has crisp, juicy flesh. It keeps well and is hard to find a bad one. It won’t hold shape real well when baked, but is a very good variety for the kitchen. Jonathon is as American as Mom and, well, apple pie.

Golden Delicious is one of the most popular apple varieties and is easy to like with its agreeable taste, texture, aroma and appearance. An excellent baker, Golden Delicious is sweet and mellow with just the right tang and juice.

Red Delicious stores well and is surprisingly sweet. Look for locally grown apples in season, and don’t insist on a uniformly dark red color. It is the most popular apple in America.

Rome is a good keeper, fair for fresh-eating and reliable in the kitchen. Rome is the bestapple for making baked apples as it holds its shape well.

Ida Red Tangy and firm, hard and tart, Ida Red is a real workhorse variety. They last forever and keep their quality in storage. Reliable in the kitchen and a good fresh-eating apple. It absolutely excels as a baking apple.

Cortland is a large red apple with fine, smooth white flesh that is very slow to brown, which makes it a superb choice for salads. It can be a very good fresh-eating apple. The flavor is mild and slightly tart.

Honeycrisp has taken the apple loving pubic by storm!  Our most requested apple. Developed as a cross by University of Minnesota, a well grown Honeycrisp is crunchy, with sheets of apple shearing off with every bite.  Juicy, sweet and a delight to eat!

Jonagold is an excellent dessert variety. It is a cross between Jonathon and Golden Delicious and retains some of the best features of both. It has a sprightly, juicy flavor like Jonathon and a sweetness and aroma similar to that of Golden Delicious. The subtle and complex taste seems to be at its best for a couple of weeks after picking.