Apple Cider

We offer an award-winning premium cider, made with our own organic apples. We use multiple varietals, blended with a secret recipe for the most complex, satisfying flavor.

Winner – 2009 Michigan Cider Contest!


Our cider was awarded third prize in a blind taste test at the Michigan Apple Committee’s annual Cider Contest in Grand Rapids in December of 2009. This is the first time that an organic grower has been awarded this highly sought-after prize in the 3rd largest apple-producing state in the nation. We are honored to join generations of Michigan apple growers and cider makers in accepting this award.

During the season, our cider is available at our farm market stands and from independent retailers around Chicago and Michiana.

No Additives:Our cider contains absolutely no additives, preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial flavorings. Our cider contains ONLY organic apples. 100% natural goodness.

No Preservatives:Our cider is NOT heat pasteurized, but instead U.V. light treated. We feel that this protects both the flavor of the cider from pasteurization and the health of our patrons. Also, U.V. light does not kill the natural yeasts in apple cider that allow for fermentation.

We recommend boiling or freezing cider to preserve it. (Be sure to leave some empty headspace to avoid messy explosions if freezing in our plastic gallon or half-gallon jugs.) One of our creative customers freezes her cider in 8 oz. plastic cups and then pops them out like ice cubes into a big ziploc freezer bag so that she can thaw just one serving at a time, all winter long.

For brewers: Yes, you can brew with this cider! Lots of folks do (including us, but we’re not allowed to sell it). Talk to us about placing an order for pick-up at one of our farmers’ markets.