Strawberries are available.

We specialize in growing Earliglo and Jewel strawberries. Our strawberries are certified organic, just like the rest of our produce.

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2013 strawberry information: AVAILABLE

We have pre-picked strawberries available for pick-up at the farm in Berrien Center, MI, or at the Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park.

2013 Pricing: $5.99/quart in the Heartland Cafe store*
Bulk Pricing: Buy a flat of 8 quarts for $40
Pick-up hours: Heartland Cafe open hours are 9am-10pm.
Location: The Heartland is located at 7000 N. Glenwood, Chicago, IL. Just go in and ask at the counter. This is our only non-farm outlet for strawberries in 2015.

For pick-up at the Farm (8335 Smith Road, Berrien Center, MI 49102), please call our farm manager Gonsalo at (269) 757-1774 to place your order and arrange a pick-up time. On-farm pricing is a bit lower.

*We sell by volume, not by weight. As a guideline for those of you who usually purchase in pounds, note that a quart of strawberries usually weighs about 1.5 pounds. (That is just an average, however, not a guarantee.)